No Wiring
Universal Fitting
Clip on and off
winkku® incorporates 3 essential safety features into one neat handlebar-mounted unit....
Cycling is fun and healthy - plus we can all beat the credit crunch and help save the planet by incorporating cycling into our daily routine.

However, making a turn or changing lanes in traffic can be hazardous - glancing round for a second gives you little chance to assess the traffic situation.

Then taking a hand off the handlebar to signal, reduces control of the bike - particularly if you hit a bump or pothole!

Ultra-bright flashing orange indicator
- 5 LEDs to the front, 5 to the rear and 3 around the side. The beams are angled to ensure maximum visibility to car, bus and van drivers.
Wide-angle mirror
in shatterproof resin is fully adjustable to give an excellent view of traffic approaching from behind.
Running Lights
Front and rear-facing running lights
for ultimate night-time safety. Positioned on the outside edge of your bike, they encourage drivers to give you a wider berth!